by Anna Fritsche


One out of three women globally have experienced sexual or physical violence.

120 million girls have experienced sexual abuse.

The spectrum of sexual violence is far and wide.
In this disparity,  cases might be viewed as serious or minor,
outrageously offensive
or so normalised that the women affected
don’t even feel able to protest.
Each voice is just as significant as the next to changing the conversation.

Read and listen to the first-hand personal accounts of women
from all over the world who have experienced
different forms of sexual violence.



This project is made to raise awareness towards the issue of sexual violence in any form
against women. Victim shaming needs to end and the only way we do this
is by standing firm and telling our stories.

Women who have experienced all different kinds of molestation, tell their stories.
They are all connected by the wish to contribute
to a change in society about how this issue is handled.
They report the way they have been treated,
the way they started to think about themselves
because of what someone did to them,
the way it changed them  and what it caused in them.

Even if it has not been taken seriously elsewhere.
To stand up and say ‘this isn’t right’,
even if it isn’t big or outrageous or shocking,
is so important if we want this to change.
Even if we´ve got used to thinking that it is ‘just the way things are’.

Thanks to all the empowering and fantastic  women
who are part of this project.